Things of PEACE!

~Chas V is a geek for peace, for peace is the key to a happy, abundance and wealthy life, says Chas V. She love to engage with people , visit places, and indulge in things that bring her and others peace. 

Sometimes that peace is just something simple as waking up just in time to see the sun rise from your living-room window while sipping on some hot tea. 



~ Chas V love keeping in contact with her friends and associates around the globe. This photo was taken by her good friend in India who enjoys photographing God’s beauty! Just imagine how quiet the mind will get when gazing into this beautiful fog wrapped around this hill. When the mind is quiet is when you can hear God whispers of PEACE! IMG_0924



~Chas V friend in India also love to have peaceful long walks with his wife near the beach in their spare time. IMG_0925



~Isn’t it peaceful to watch your love ones be happy and peaceful, not thinking about anything but the happiness that exist in that moment. Chas V husband Eli is having a blast making a snow angel while visiting New York! IMG_0070


~ Chas V described this view as “peacefully beautiful” as she flew from her husband home St. Croix Virgin island to Puerto Rico to meet more beautiful family, enjoy the beach and exhale for a day or two.  She found the view breathtaking, stating that its amazing looking across but ASTOUNDING looking directly into its beauty! IMG_0230