About Chas V.


I am a Texas born, Louisiana and Texas raised Queen who is currently residing in Texas at this time. My son, husband and I are the “terrific trio” who adores one another. Me growing up without much family support or love has cause us to aim to live each moment instilling positive values, love, laughter, good memories, understanding, support, forgiveness and PEACE in our hearts and home.

Recently I discovered that you may exist but aren’t really alive if you are not living in a way in which you are destine to live.

So I decided to no longer just exist but to become alive through writing, speaking, mentoring and engaging in things of PEACE.

I want to embrace the world from all levels and from every angle. I want to learn and teach ways to apply peace to all things. I want to be that thing that I know I am destine to be.

And I will be just that.

I will write, read, create, explore and engage with life on levels I am not even aware of at this moment.

And I will share it all with you, so stay tune!

Chas V,