Awesome Peaceful Events

~Chas V loves her some peaceful events. It can be a hike in Austin, watching the sunset in San Antonio, group meditation, deep discussions among adults over food and laughter and more. 

She is planning more events for everyone who desire to engage in at this time so stay tune to upcoming events with Chas V, it will be worth attending! 


~Chas V love love Queen time with the women over food, laughter, Neo-Soul music, group discussion while wearing there favorite dress!  Here is her and her close friend Iris preparing to be a blessing to the attendees at Magnolia Hotel with event ” Oh There Is My Crown”. 



~ Chas V love to hike. Here she is below heading back to the room from breakfast eager about the hike that her and her crew is about to enjoy as soon as they food digest!





~Chas V love to stay in touch with the women that she is mentoring, guiding or engaging with. After all her calling is to help women grow to know that THEY ARE QUEENS and should walk daily and at all times with THEIR HEAD UP AND THEIR SHOULDERS BACK, BECAUSE THAT IS THE POSTURE OF A QUEEN.

~ Chas V with Shakima (right) and Betty Lu (left). They heard she was in Austin Texas enjoying more hiking and the sun and decided to meet up with her to meet the women behind the movement “Oh There Is My Crown”.






~Joyce Meyers books and cd’s are some of the things Chas V indulge in her spare time. She has other role model but must say that Joyce is a favorite. Here Chas V is with a beautiful young lady who attended Lake Wood Church to hear Joyce Meyers speak live.





~Chas V preparing for a private peaceful event with the ladies at Magnolia Hotel. She absolutely love small, private, peaceful events with the women. This gives her the opportunity to pour into them what God has been pouring into her. And she loves to do it BAREFOOT while wearing a dress, such a Queen!