Bloom Baby Bloom

~It’s the Nefertiti in me that has introduced to me my ROYALTY. Her spirit has taught me that my body really is a temple made of pure gold. She whispers to me that my heart is more valuable than raw purplish red rubies found in the depths of the Tanzania soils. She continues to takes my hands and gently place them on top of my head, so that I can feel the details of my crown that sits perfectly on top of my coarse kinky curls. She forever reminds me that I have not only been chosen, but that ” I AM A DESCENDANT OF A QUEEN”.

So I tell you that to ask you this, what type of greatness is trying to bloom through you? And will you allow it to?

So many of us suffocate that pure magical and beautiful thing we are destine to become out of fear. Fear of others opinions. Fear of others actions. Fear of the unknown . Fear of the process. Fear of the obstacles to be crossed. Fear of the challenging changes. Fear of no longer fitting in the box that you are in. Fear of leaving that comfort zone. Fear of losing the support and love of those who you prefer. Fear of not being accepted. Fear of failure embarrassment and shame. Fear of actually becoming what you are destine to be and of blooming so beautifully…

So that’s why it’s important to “fear not” and BLOOM BABY BLOOM.

I don’t care if you’re the only one of your kind…bloom! With tears in your eyes and not a soul by your side…bloom! You could feel like a category 4 storm is forming inside of you…bloom! Even if you fall and before you can get all the way back up you fall again…bloom! You may walk through some seasons of darkness and fog where you are unable to see what’s in front of you…bloom! Your closest friends and family may abandon you…bloom! You may start to doubt you…bloom! Your final vow to yourself in each day should be to bloom…

After all, it’s all about becoming that very thing you are created to be! So bloom baby bloom.

Says Chas V.

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