Isn't it amazing how our Creator, our God, and our ultimate source of life takes care of us in advance. How things has been set in place to provide all of our needs. Yes I said "provide all of our needs". Needs that we couldn't even imagine how to provide for ourselves if we had too! Think about gravity…the wind and how the sun rise daily…

No way we would be able to do that! We think we have problems now! We would be floating all over the place in pitch black darkness if things like providing our own daylight was something we had to do.

Sadly we have grown to be a world of people who rarely or for some never think of the life blessings that provide life blessings.

I'm so grateful that our God, our Creator and our ultimate source of life do for us what we can't do for ourselves.

So just take a moment today to sit back and think about the extraordinary unimaginable work of God that is has been…currently is being done in your life…

The thought should make you want to seek something more higher than "love" to describe it! Awe…

Says Chas V,

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