Diverse Lifestyles Brings Peace

Although I am stated to be African American, I purposely seek and engage in things of peace from other ethicity groups and cultures. After all, we are all living on this thing called Earth together everyday. Soooooooo why not embrace the good from all continents. 

If only we can do away with the things that divide us as the human race and unite as one, life would be “oh so beautiful”. Where one race lacks due to weakness another race can teach techniques of strength!  

We can all sing songs to inspire, dance dances to create extraordinary energy, share healing methods to cure the sick and build villages worldwide that enhance life as a whole. 

This bamboo hat is exactly what I need to not only fit over my kinky curls, but to also block the sun completely out of my eyes! It’s just one of many things that I love, that makes this day in the sun and my life a little easier.  

Imagine if we all taught one another things such as meditation, how to use natural healing resources such as the calendula plants and made random acts of kindness not just something done one every 10yrs but something we do weekly…

Our minds would be more at peace allowing us to tap within and live as the creative creatures that we are. We would be a healthier world who don’t depend on man made toxic chemicals but more so on the powerful organic resources that our planet produce. And as for all these holidays with little to no real meaning of love as they portray. We wouldn’t need Thanksgivings to enjoy a feast and feed the hungry, or a Christmas to give tokens treasures and gifts to our love ones and the less fortunate. We would eat and feed, clothe, embrace and spread love everyday. 

So live a little more than you ever have today! Intentionally go out of your way to embrace the world through all the different cultures, and watch how your life starts to unfold more beautiful and peaceful than ever before. 

As for me, I’ll be here awaiting to learn the next best secrets from mankind worldwide. 

Chas V, 

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