Position Yourself An Carryon

What position are you in? Like how do you stand? In the back of the room or corner hoping too not be recognized with your head down…or TALL, ALERT with your HEAD UP and SHOULDERS BACK, ready to roar louder than a lion. 

So again, I ask.. what position are you in? Are you in the position to soar a few feet above the eagles are continue to gaze at those who are? Are you in a position to move forth and claim what’s yours and dominate the area you was destine for you to dominate dynamically ? Or lay low, comfortablely contining to live an average predicable robotic lifestyle as you  watch others life YOUR DREAM out loud…in your face…as you sit in the audience and watch? 

So are you ready to give this question some thought? Can you answer this question? Are you ready to stand taller than the highest tower or naw? 

As for me I vowed to stand tall on my tip toes in front of all the doors that will open to my demand to lead me to my destiny that I will reach in perfect timing. 

I stand with my HEAD UP and SHOULDERS BACK ROYALLY because that is the posture of a Queen in which I am and you should too. 

Regardless of all things, flaws, thoughts and facts about you. The truth is you are ROYAL and it’s time to define that by positioning yourself to be crowned as the King are Queen that you are. 

Chas V 

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