Are You a Teamplayer On Your Own? 

It’s great that you’re are a team player and know how to lead as well as follow. There is nothing better than to have great minds come together to get the job done, or to find a solution to a problem or to be and aid to your partner in need, and so on..

But can you stand alone? See so many think being a team player is the thing to be, in which it is. But what makes you an extraordinary team player is the fact that you can stand on your own two feet when and if needed. 

Everyone want someone who is going to have their back! But it isn’t better than having someone who is strong enough to have their own back while having your back. Talking about strong! Just imagine having to choose a team to survive a war with. Would you want a group who is geeked up about being there for you and having your back 100 percent only. Or those who are bad to the bone and not only have the ability to have your back and hold you up but also able to stand strong, protect and nurture themselves while being a team player..

You know how you have those people who  will run to your every need and spoon feed you soup and medicine when you sick and motive you when you down. But don’t eat when their sad and always speaking negative about themselves. So again can you be a amazing team player while standing strong on your own two feet? If so that’s great, if not you should put this on your 2017 to do list. 

Because many days will come when all you have is you. There will be times when the team will be absent or incapable of helping you the way you can help you. 

So it’s important to be a warrior that wins the wars with you team but also one who survives and return home as a soilder who is ready for war again…
Chas V. 

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