We Lived To See 2017!

~WE MADE IT! We all survived 2016 and are living to see the year 2017. That’s a big big thing, being that millions lost their life in 2016 and many will lose their lives this year. Some will play a major role in their death and for some it will come unexpectedly. So let’s be grateful for this very moment and push, plan and play the game of life to survive 2017 and live to see 2018. Let’s let the past be the past and prepare to celebrate life daily in 2017. For those who waited on people, to go places and to obtain things to be happy and feel full of life…wait no more…feel life with what you have, where you at and who you got in your corner at this exact moment. Trust me if it’s meant for all the other stuff on your wish list to be apart of your life it will come organically. Don’t take the blessing of seeing another year for granted. Let’s live ROYAL like the Kings and Queens that we are and decorate our life, homes, heart and planet with LOVE, PEACE, UNITY, RESPECT, FORGIVENESS and COMPASSION. Let’s show our Creator that we are grateful for another year. 

Chas V, 

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