I declare PEACE!

~ Why is it that we only smile inside and out, embrace the blessings in each day and celebrate when things are going as plan, going smooth or in a way in which we desire? It’s when we learn to have full control over ourselves in spite of all things that brings the PEACE. Like seriously, life isn’t promise to be full of sunshine and sweet lemonade, that’s why we must learn how to dance in the rain, stomp in the mud and swim in the deep-sea with the unknown!

Don’t let the things thrown at you destroy you. Instead let it teach you how to duck! When you notice the rain sleet and snow of life is headed your way, whip out your best umbrella and cute boots and keep it moving.

We must understand that it’s not what happens to us that matters the most in life. It’s how you respond that what happen to you that does!

Chas V,


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