When A Queen Get “ On Her Mark”

It’s something about when a Queen get ” on her mark” on her start line, on her throne and on her focus fiercely that lets you know ” it’s about to be on and popping”.

I am, says Chas …fiercely focused and will admit it isn’t easy, but oh so necessary.

I have a old soul, so I often poke out my lips at the toxic changes in this world. But I have grown so diverse and flexible over the past couple years that now I’ve learnt to go through this thing called life ” eating the meat and spitting out the bones”. Accepting the good with the bad along with the ugly and with a little bit of beautiful.

I’m a village minded type girl, so I thirst agape love and unity and all that mushy stuff. So because the world seems to lack this, I’m easily distracted. But it’s either now or never for me, so I vowed to fight daily to remain as fiercely focus as possible.

Why? Because it is time. It is time for me to show how my scars aren’t flaws but more so signs of strength….how all it takes is one to stand on the behalf of good, love and peace and see that others will soon join…how in spite of all the toxic evil petty lifestyles demeanors habits and addictions we have been taught, force to accept or live with we can rise above it all…

Like I said, it’s something about when a Queen get ” on her mark”. It’s just a matter of perfect timing will she ” get set” “get ready” and ” go” far beyond her dreams and imaginations.

Says, Chas

Bloom Baby Bloom

~It’s the Nefertiti in me that has introduced to me my ROYALTY. Her spirit has taught me that my body really is a temple made of pure gold. She whispers to me that my heart is more valuable than raw purplish red rubies found in the depths of the Tanzania soils. She continues to takes my hands and gently place them on top of my head, so that I can feel the details of my crown that sits perfectly on top of my coarse kinky curls. She forever reminds me that I have not only been chosen, but that ” I AM A DESCENDANT OF A QUEEN”.

So I tell you that to ask you this, what type of greatness is trying to bloom through you? And will you allow it to?

So many of us suffocate that pure magical and beautiful thing we are destine to become out of fear. Fear of others opinions. Fear of others actions. Fear of the unknown . Fear of the process. Fear of the obstacles to be crossed. Fear of the challenging changes. Fear of no longer fitting in the box that you are in. Fear of leaving that comfort zone. Fear of losing the support and love of those who you prefer. Fear of not being accepted. Fear of failure embarrassment and shame. Fear of actually becoming what you are destine to be and of blooming so beautifully…

So that’s why it’s important to “fear not” and BLOOM BABY BLOOM.

I don’t care if you’re the only one of your kind…bloom! With tears in your eyes and not a soul by your side…bloom! You could feel like a category 4 storm is forming inside of you…bloom! Even if you fall and before you can get all the way back up you fall again…bloom! You may walk through some seasons of darkness and fog where you are unable to see what’s in front of you…bloom! Your closest friends and family may abandon you…bloom! You may start to doubt you…bloom! Your final vow to yourself in each day should be to bloom…

After all, it’s all about becoming that very thing you are created to be! So bloom baby bloom.

Says Chas V.

Isn't it amazing how our Creator, our God, and our ultimate source of life takes care of us in advance. How things has been set in place to provide all of our needs. Yes I said "provide all of our needs". Needs that we couldn't even imagine how to provide for ourselves if we had too! Think about gravity…the wind and how the sun rise daily…

No way we would be able to do that! We think we have problems now! We would be floating all over the place in pitch black darkness if things like providing our own daylight was something we had to do.

Sadly we have grown to be a world of people who rarely or for some never think of the life blessings that provide life blessings.

I'm so grateful that our God, our Creator and our ultimate source of life do for us what we can't do for ourselves.

So just take a moment today to sit back and think about the extraordinary unimaginable work of God that is has been…currently is being done in your life…

The thought should make you want to seek something more higher than "love" to describe it! Awe…

Says Chas V,

Diverse Lifestyles Brings Peace

Although I am stated to be African American, I purposely seek and engage in things of peace from other ethicity groups and cultures. After all, we are all living on this thing called Earth together everyday. Soooooooo why not embrace the good from all continents. 

If only we can do away with the things that divide us as the human race and unite as one, life would be “oh so beautiful”. Where one race lacks due to weakness another race can teach techniques of strength!  

We can all sing songs to inspire, dance dances to create extraordinary energy, share healing methods to cure the sick and build villages worldwide that enhance life as a whole. 

This bamboo hat is exactly what I need to not only fit over my kinky curls, but to also block the sun completely out of my eyes! It’s just one of many things that I love, that makes this day in the sun and my life a little easier.  

Imagine if we all taught one another things such as meditation, how to use natural healing resources such as the calendula plants and made random acts of kindness not just something done one every 10yrs but something we do weekly…

Our minds would be more at peace allowing us to tap within and live as the creative creatures that we are. We would be a healthier world who don’t depend on man made toxic chemicals but more so on the powerful organic resources that our planet produce. And as for all these holidays with little to no real meaning of love as they portray. We wouldn’t need Thanksgivings to enjoy a feast and feed the hungry, or a Christmas to give tokens treasures and gifts to our love ones and the less fortunate. We would eat and feed, clothe, embrace and spread love everyday. 

So live a little more than you ever have today! Intentionally go out of your way to embrace the world through all the different cultures, and watch how your life starts to unfold more beautiful and peaceful than ever before. 

As for me, I’ll be here awaiting to learn the next best secrets from mankind worldwide. 

Chas V, 

Defeat Your Inner Enemy

So many of use believe the enemy to be a “he” or a man, whose red, with horns, or wears all black..who literally comes to rob steal and kill the things in your life. 

But little do we know, that the enemy comes to rob, steal and kill “you”. The enemy comes in all types of colors, smells, feelings, forms, images, situations and desires.  

It’s that attractive beautiful person with a evil agenda who you call friend or beau..

It’s the flashy expensive unnecessary clothing that creates a excessive shopping habit that affects your child’s needs such as clean clothing, utilities and hot meals…Or that may just keep you in debt and living check to check…

It’s the addictive aroma that dominates the air that cause us to eat until we create health problems…

It’s the fear that make excuses for you to stay in abusvie, life threatening and toxic relationships and become amused and immune to its pain and suffering that is offered…

It’s the bad behavior that punks the good in you time after time after time again, causing you to only do those things that you will regret instead of the things that your yearn and love…

It’s the stubbornness that doesn’t allow you to love those of another color, or the color of those who once hurt your ancestors..

It’s the feelings of the obviously wrong hands that explore your body in private causing temporary pleasure…and sometimes leaving you with diseases and babies who you unaware how to care for or feed..

It’s the addiction of chasing the dollar that doesn’t even chase its self because it even realize that it’s only paper and wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the beautiful trees that we tend to ignore or value as any importance..

It’s those who your great great great grandparents believe in, follow and allowed them to lead them…and who couldn’t  have ever set them free because they was lost and didn’t have any answers themselves…but instead just pretend and held them captive in empty faith until their dying day… hoping no one noticed…

It’s the thoughts that you think are yours that cause you to stress, live in confusion and cry hysterically, not knowing that thoughts are formed and influenced by the millions of distractions and systems of this world…

So I said all that and gave those examples to simple say, the enemy is all things that keep you, slow you down, distract you, attack you, try to convince you not to and aim to stop you from…


So it’s time, it’s time to defeat the real enemy and to stop waiting on the one who you was warn about..because “he” will never come…

Let’s defeat our inner enemy…

Chas V 

Position Yourself An Carryon

What position are you in? Like how do you stand? In the back of the room or corner hoping too not be recognized with your head down…or TALL, ALERT with your HEAD UP and SHOULDERS BACK, ready to roar louder than a lion. 

So again, I ask.. what position are you in? Are you in the position to soar a few feet above the eagles are continue to gaze at those who are? Are you in a position to move forth and claim what’s yours and dominate the area you was destine for you to dominate dynamically ? Or lay low, comfortablely contining to live an average predicable robotic lifestyle as you  watch others life YOUR DREAM out loud…in your face…as you sit in the audience and watch? 

So are you ready to give this question some thought? Can you answer this question? Are you ready to stand taller than the highest tower or naw? 

As for me I vowed to stand tall on my tip toes in front of all the doors that will open to my demand to lead me to my destiny that I will reach in perfect timing. 

I stand with my HEAD UP and SHOULDERS BACK ROYALLY because that is the posture of a Queen in which I am and you should too. 

Regardless of all things, flaws, thoughts and facts about you. The truth is you are ROYAL and it’s time to define that by positioning yourself to be crowned as the King are Queen that you are. 

Chas V 

Are You a Teamplayer On Your Own? 

It’s great that you’re are a team player and know how to lead as well as follow. There is nothing better than to have great minds come together to get the job done, or to find a solution to a problem or to be and aid to your partner in need, and so on..

But can you stand alone? See so many think being a team player is the thing to be, in which it is. But what makes you an extraordinary team player is the fact that you can stand on your own two feet when and if needed. 

Everyone want someone who is going to have their back! But it isn’t better than having someone who is strong enough to have their own back while having your back. Talking about strong! Just imagine having to choose a team to survive a war with. Would you want a group who is geeked up about being there for you and having your back 100 percent only. Or those who are bad to the bone and not only have the ability to have your back and hold you up but also able to stand strong, protect and nurture themselves while being a team player..

You know how you have those people who  will run to your every need and spoon feed you soup and medicine when you sick and motive you when you down. But don’t eat when their sad and always speaking negative about themselves. So again can you be a amazing team player while standing strong on your own two feet? If so that’s great, if not you should put this on your 2017 to do list. 

Because many days will come when all you have is you. There will be times when the team will be absent or incapable of helping you the way you can help you. 

So it’s important to be a warrior that wins the wars with you team but also one who survives and return home as a soilder who is ready for war again…
Chas V. 

Let’s change our MIND! 

Let’s change our MIND this year. And watch how everything else change. Let’s change our mind from negative to positive, from fear to faith, from good to bad, from doubtful to dynamic from no to YES. 

Regardless if you on the top, let’s build even a higher level. Or maybe you at the bottom, let’s aim for the top. 

When we change our mind we change our outcome. Instead of skipping the gym but still wanting to get in shape. Let’s hit the gym and not only shape up but feel good about our overall health. Instead of talking about our dreams, let’s start taking one step at a time moving toward living them out loud with completing task, networking, researching, taking risk  etc. 

When we change our mind to “go for it” we change our outcome , which will always be beneficial and cause growth. And that outcome will produce amazing results in which will cause a beautiful conclusion or ending. An that will bring a dynamic affect to not only yourself but those around you. And the aftermath will be radical and remembered. 

And this my friends, will change lives. It will give new hope to not only you but to those who are and will be observing you! 

Let’s change our MIND! 

Chas V, 

We Lived To See 2017!

~WE MADE IT! We all survived 2016 and are living to see the year 2017. That’s a big big thing, being that millions lost their life in 2016 and many will lose their lives this year. Some will play a major role in their death and for some it will come unexpectedly. So let’s be grateful for this very moment and push, plan and play the game of life to survive 2017 and live to see 2018. Let’s let the past be the past and prepare to celebrate life daily in 2017. For those who waited on people, to go places and to obtain things to be happy and feel full of life…wait no more…feel life with what you have, where you at and who you got in your corner at this exact moment. Trust me if it’s meant for all the other stuff on your wish list to be apart of your life it will come organically. Don’t take the blessing of seeing another year for granted. Let’s live ROYAL like the Kings and Queens that we are and decorate our life, homes, heart and planet with LOVE, PEACE, UNITY, RESPECT, FORGIVENESS and COMPASSION. Let’s show our Creator that we are grateful for another year. 

Chas V, 

I declare PEACE!

~ Why is it that we only smile inside and out, embrace the blessings in each day and celebrate when things are going as plan, going smooth or in a way in which we desire? It’s when we learn to have full control over ourselves in spite of all things that brings the PEACE. Like seriously, life isn’t promise to be full of sunshine and sweet lemonade, that’s why we must learn how to dance in the rain, stomp in the mud and swim in the deep-sea with the unknown!

Don’t let the things thrown at you destroy you. Instead let it teach you how to duck! When you notice the rain sleet and snow of life is headed your way, whip out your best umbrella and cute boots and keep it moving.

We must understand that it’s not what happens to us that matters the most in life. It’s how you respond that what happen to you that does!

Chas V,